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Sea-Bridge International Inc. specializes in working with manufacturing facilities to design, build or locate electrical components or products, building supplies and HVAC equipment.  However, our extensive resources allow us to procure almost anything with significant cost savings and expedited delivery.

We can act as your eyes and ears overseas.  Our network of expert procurement officers are trained to ensure the best possible quality and pricing are obtained on all orders.

Sea-Bridge International Inc. can customize inspections to examine vendor shipments based on your needs, including random, sequential or 100 percent audits.  We can also provide quality assurance to ensure that you get what you ordered, every time.

China offers favorable business opportunities in terms of growth potential and a low cost source of numerous products due to its labor position and extensive natural resources. China's new membership in the WTO increases its value as a sourcing partner and opens the door to the fastest growing market in the world. Sea-Bridge International has the experience and expertise to ensure that clients are successful in benefiting from the opportunities and challenges offered by sourcing products throughout the Asian region.